Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony

The Sonnet Kolkata organized the Annual Cake Mixing ceremony to celebrate the big season ahead.

Violence Against Women’s Day

The Sonnet Kolkata in association with “SWADHINA” (a civil society organization focused on empowerment of women & child development) observed “Violence Against Women’s Day” on 25.11.19 to spread the awareness

Independence Day celebrations 2019

‘WE’ at The Sonnet Kolkata celebrated the 73rd Indian Independence Day, hoisting the national tricolor was followed by the age old custom of "मुह मीठा" (Mooh Meetha), a thematic special buffet was served at our restaurant AURA.

Women's Day Celebration at Jamshedpur

Team Sonnet Jamshedpur... Honored their women and wives of team members for their outstanding contribution to the society as a beautiful human and a home maker...

Outdoor Catering at Golmuri Golf Club by Team Sonnet Jamshedpur

Stunning display of Outdoor Catering at the prestigious Golmuri Golf Club - Jamshedpur by our jubilant Sonnet Jamshedpur team.